5 Quick Tips on Maintaining Your Water Tanks

Your water tank is an essential part of your household as it keeps the clean water running in your house for various use. That is why is it a must that you keep your water in topnotch condition at all times.  The ideal set up would be cleaning the tank every three to five years, but you can also do a little upkeep in between to ensure that it is working perfectly:


  1. Prevent algae growth by not letting the light in

Algae is one of the most common problems of water tank owners. Algae growth contaminate water and can cause serious damage to your water tanks. If not prevented, it can cause serious diseases and ailments. Prevent this from happening by making sure that your tanks are close and sealed at all times. Algae needs sunlight to grow and to synthesize, so preventing the light from coming in would prevent this from happening.


  1. Make sure that your roof and gutter is in good condition

If you water tanks is placed under the roof and gutter, there is a big chance or possibility that the debris from will get into the water tank. Be sure to clean your roof and gutters regularly. Remove the debris on the roof and install strainers if necessary. If there are branches growing over the tank, it would be best to remove them as well to prevent dried leaves from getting inside the water tank.


  1. Get professional help

Cleaning the water tank is no easy business. You need to set aside time to clean it thoroughly and it can be difficult especially if this is your first time to clean a tank. If you are unsure of what to do, it would be best to employ the help of professionals. There are companies that offer water tank cleaning in Dubai that specializes on cleaning and disinfecting water tanks.  They have the equipment, tools and trained staff to get it done. Just be sure to deal with legit companies.


  1. Repair damages immediately

A simple leak on the tank can contaminated the water inside. Once you see a small damage, do your best to repair and seal the leak. If possible, regular inspect your tank for damages and check if there are parts that needs replacement.


  1. Disinfect by using chlorine

To kill the bacteria in your water tank, pour a small amount of chlorine on the tank and leave it for five minutes. Then just let the water run until the smell and taste of chlorine fade.


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