Unique Printed Gifts You Can Give As Presents

Gift-giving can put much pressure to some people, especially those who want to give something unique and special to their loved ones. Giving the same old presents is can get old overtime and it can become less exciting and predictable.

But you don’t have to resort to the usual, run-on-the-mill presents. You can give personalized printed gifts from printing Dubai shops that would make anyone giddy with happiness.

  • Photo canvas

Nothing says “special” by giving your loved ones a personalized photo canvas. It can special photo of them or a beautiful artwork that they admire. You can have this printed at a trusted and excellent photo printing Dubai shop near your area. The good thing about photo canvas is that it can last long and also be a good accent at home. Anyone would be happy to receive such precious gift. Just be sure to have framed before giving.


  • Customized carpets

Carpets look the same on stores and boutique shops. But do you know that you can have it customized based on your own design? Yes, you can! There are printing shops that offer stunning customized carpets for personal use or as a gift. Simply take your design to the shop and choose the size. Be sure to give high resolution to ensure high quality of carpet print. This gift can give a unique vibe and feel to any space. You can give this as a gift to yourself or to someone special.


  • VR Cardboard Kits

This can be a great gift to your techie friends. Even though it is not as high-end as other VR box available in the market. But the good thing about this is that you can personalized based on your loved ones color and specifications. It will be unique and truly their own. It can also be a good and unique giveaway or souvenir to parties or when you are hosting a tech event.


  • Customized mousepads

Another simple, personalized but techie gift you can give to your friends. Being in front of the computer for 8 hours or more can be boring and tedious. But you can instantly lighten someone’s mood by giving them funny or inspiring mousepads to look at once in a while. It can also be a great promotional giveaway for your business.

  • Chic coasters

Light up someone’s dining table by giving your friends chic coasters for their dining set.  You can several printed to ensure that your friends have several options of their silverwares.