5 Things You Need To Remember When Applying For A Dubai Visa

Dubai is definitely considered as one of the must visit cities in the UAE. The place is full of out-of-the-box activities to do and amazing destinations to visit. But before you book a flight, it is a must that you know some important things about applying for Dubai visa.

If you are applying for a transit visa for Dubai or any other kind of Dubai visa, be sure to go over these pointers to up your chances of getting your visa approved:

  1. Know the requirements and process

The first order of business when you are applying for a UAE visa is to know the requirements and process of the application. Consulates and embassies have different sets of requirements and processes. Be sure to educate yourself about these details. The visa change process in UAE might be different from what other locations require. It would be best to ask your travel resource agency about the requirements so you can process documents that you lack.

  1. Be mindful of your passport’s expiry date

One of the most common or biggest mistakes of visa applicants is not being mindful of their passport’s validity and expiry. By the time they apply for a visa, they are finding themselves in an awful position of being disapproved due to passport’s nearing its expiry date. Be sure to renew your passport or checked if there are still more pages left for stamping. The ideal validity is at least six months.

  1. Prepare the documents early on

Another mistake that most visa applicants commit is not being prepared. They think they can get away with cramming. This is a bad practice that you should avoid. If you already booked a flight, you need to keep in mind that you have a deadline to beat. Be sure to prepare the documents beforehand, whether you are processing the visa application by yourself or hiring a travel agency to do it, having the documents ready would buy you more time.

  1. Confirm your flight booking and accommodations

There are some UAE visa types that require visa applicants to present their hotel booking and flight schedule. Usually, this goes for transit visas. Be sure to confirm your flight and hotel bookings before you apply for a passport. Print a clear copy of the hotel booking and flight confirmation along with the receipts. Make multiple copies in case you were asked to provide more than one.