Simple Answers to the Most Common Questions About Rolling Cargoes

If you have searched for the keyword “rolling cargo” on Google, you have probably seen very little information about this topic. To give you more facts about this type of freight, an Abu Dhabi cargo company has answered some of the most common questions about rolling cargos below.


What is a Rolling Cargo?

To begin with, a rolling cargo is a wheeled freight that is usually loaded or towed onto a ship. The most popular rolling cargos are trucks, cars, motorcycles, trailers, carts, excavators, cranes, bulldozers, wheeled cabinets, and other heavy moving equipment.


Rolling Cargo Solutions

Logistics and freight companies provide reasonably priced rolling cargo solutions to lessen the hassle and struggle of transporting wheeled loads. One of these solutions includes safely transporting the rolled cargoes to serviceable ports in the country. They transport such freight through towing or using big trucks and container vans. Usually, transporting rolling cargoes are categorized into two services: Door to Door, and Pier to Door.


  1. Door to Door

The first step for door to door service is the freight company or forwarder would go to the location of the rolling cargos. Then, the forwarder would either load the wheeled equipment or vehicles on their truck, or they would attach hooks to the cargo for towing. The forwarder would bring the cargos to the nearest port available. From there, the cargos would be loaded onto the ship for transport. The forwarder would pick up the wheeled cargos on the port of destination, and will deliver the cargos to the exact location specified or instructed by the shipper.


  1. Pier to Door

On the other hand, the pier to door service covers only half of the door to door option. The service starts at the port of destination where the forwarder would pick up the rolling cargos. They would transport the wheeled cargos using big trucks or through towing. The freight would be delivered at the doorstep of the receiver(s).


What Type of Companies Need Rolling Cargo Solutions?

Rolling cargo solutions are vital for companies and organizations from certain industries. Some of these include construction companies, vehicle manufacturers, real estate companies, trucking companies, automotive retailers, transportation groups, mining companies, environmental organizations, and other companies that either require or offer wheeled items.


Where Can We Avail Rolling Cargo Solutions?

Many logistics companies in Abu Dhabi offer air freight, sea freight and road freight services including rolling cargo solutions and other logistics services.

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